Female college soccer player plays rough

I don’t follow women’s sports, especially not college soccer, but I saw this news item on ESPN’s website and thought, “Female soccer player plays rough? How rough could it possibly be?!” Oh how wrong I was. Check out the clip and be prepared to be amazed.

That’s just downright hostile.  Was this a soccer match or a cage fight?!  Absolutely no excuse for that.  She claims she’s not that kind of player and that emotion just got the better of her.  If it were just 1 incident I’d buy that explanation.  2, ok maybe.  But that many cheap shots in 1 game?  No way a player who isn’t dirty commits that many awful, blatant fouls in one match.  Oh wait, did your boyfriend just dump you?  Were you playing still nursing pent-up anger?  Oops, was I sexist just now?  Then try this on for size: what do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?  I’m not gonna deliver the punch line, but yeah I went there.

And how was she not sent off? She was yellow carded for perhaps the softest foul she committed all day and got away with out-and-out thuggery the rest of the match. I smell a suspension for this officiating crew. Even peewee soccer officials would’ve spotted that mess.

Just when you think sports gets all sterile and boring, somebody goes out and spices it up a bit.  Thanks, crazy soccer lady.

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